Highlandetc.co.nz is an online shop for Highland dancing supplies. Both old and new versions are based on WordPress. The original  design theme left much to be desired when working with Woocommerce. The new website design agency uses the WP Jumpstart theme platform which is engineered specifically to accommodate Woocommerce…

The result is a fast, robust new design and layout which more than met the client’s expectations…


You are now our 4th Webmaster, the previous ones have either not been not interested or not capable of delivering what they promised, or in one case just plain disappeared.  I can’t tell you how much stress you have taken off us, we have been getting to the point of wondering do we just pack it all in.  Thank you again for your help, it is making a massive difference for us. ”

Jason Calder – Highlandetc.co.nz


Last Updated on 9th May 2021 by Ben Kemp

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