About Us | NZ redesign specialists

About Us | NZ redesign specialists

WebsiteRedesign.NZ is operated by Ben Kemp, who has worked in the Information Technology field since 1987, first as an Electronic Data Processing Officer, then Information Technology Manager. In 1994 he was awarded both national & international awards* for Information Technology project implementations. Since 1997, he’s been a full-time SEO specialist involved in implementing small business SEO packages, internet consultancy and website redesign.

(*AURISA – Australasian Urban & Regional Information Systems – an award for Achievement in local government information technology.)

Ben has been a diligent freelance SEO consultant since the pre-Google era of 1997. However, he has also devoted himself to providing customized website redesign services since 2004. As the internet evolved and businesses began revamping their websites, it became evident that a proficient SEO consultant with redesign expertise was necessary. After a website overhaul, several new SEO clients sought out his advice when their rankings were affected.

Specialising in redesigning since 2011

Design services were first provided by my www.website-designers.net.nz in 2002. This evolved into the www.Website-Redesign-Company.co which launched on 9th July 2011. On 24 May 2022 this site migrated to a truncated and refocused www.WebsiteRedesign.nz aimed specifically at the New Zealand market. The volume of NZ-owned / based sites has increased exponentially in the past 20 years, providing a niche opportunity to a Kiwi specialist in rebuilding.

Redesign services require a broad skillset to prevent disaster to current searcch engine rankings. Those skills are not easy to find, requiring both SEO consultancy experience and technical WordPress expertise…

Ben works for clients worldwide, creating/redesigning websites and optimising them. He has been engaged in small business design services and copy-writing helpful content for 20 years…

Hosting & domain registration

I’ve always encouraged clients to utilise a professional independent hosting service. In 2012 I established www.Hosting-SE-Asia.co in conjunction with my own Reseller Hosting account in a USA data centre. This was in response to client requests for full-service managed hosting services. The benefit is instant access to server settings to provide fast response time to customer issues!

For local (NZ) sites, I personally use and recommend the services provided by;

  • MyHost.nz – they provide fast servers in Auckland and good support.

For large sites with higher traffic and/or international clients, I use and refer you to:

  • A2Hosting.com – Their Singapore data centre is exceptionally fast and they have high-spec hosting plans
  • Fastcomet.com
  • Stablehost.com

10 years of providing hands-on hosting services to clients in multiple countries has given me a wealth of knowledge and experience. I can quickly assess a client’s current hosting and provide specialist advice on:

  • Suitability for the target market – e.g. hosting in Utah when clients are in Auckland.
  • Server resources/performance in terms of meeting Google’s page speed recommendations. PHP version, modules and settings.

WordPress technical support expertise

www.WordPressTechSupport.co.nz was registered and activated on 8th November 2013. Ben has gained extensive knowledge and skills acquired through the daily operation of WordPress since version 1.5 in 2005. For 10 years this WP support knowledge set has been a service provided to small business owners running self-hosted WP websites.

Maintenance services

Working as an SEO consultant since 1997, with extensive experience in SEO, WordPress and design/redesign, Ben was steadily accepting management responsibility for additional client’s websites as the years passed The www.WebsiteMaintenanceServices.co.nz website was activated when the domain was registered on 8th November 2013. Ben has more than 18 years day to day-to-day expertise in all aspects of WordPress maintenance and support.

This is a major bonus for website design/redesign clients. They can trust that their designers won’t abandon them since there’s an ongoing support plan in place if they opt-in.

Why work with a freelance NZ redesign specialist?

The point of difference? You work directly with a very experienced consultant who has:

I’ve been a New Zealand freelance redesign specialist and search engine optimisation consultant for over 2 decades. Since 1991 I’ve worked as a free-lance (self-employed) Information Technology consultant. Involved in projects as diverse as:

  • Geographic Information Systems project management
  • Computer network implementation and administration
  • Website and intranet design & development
  • Copy-writing
  • Graphics design
  • Image editing & optimisation
  • Search engine optimisation

I currently deliver redesign and development packages & SEO services to companies in locations as diverse as:

  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • USA
  • UK
  • S.E. Asia.

My freelance services are based on modest hourly rates (NZ$100) with fixed-price contracts. To learn how I can help make your web business grow, I provide free no-obligation website redesign proposal/quotes for all clients.

Website Redesign Quotes / Audit Request
Please use the form below to Request a free, no-obligation Website Redesign Quote or a Website Technical Audit…
Please let me know exactly how I can assist…
Nikki Eagle
Great gentleman to work with, very helpful and informative. Excellent communication from the get go. Went above and beyond to ensure a seamless experience. My website now looks beautiful and has just the “feel” I was hoping for. The user experience has been enhanced and has already turned browsers into new clients. There has been a noticeable increase in business! Highly recommended. 5 Stars - 1/22/2022
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Ollie Wikeley
Manager, A21 Logistics
Great man to work with, very helpful, informative and easy to work with. Above and beyond. Highly recommended. 5 Stars 🌟 - 12/22/2021
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