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You may be considering website redesign services for many different reasons… We are specialists in custom website redesign, with 17 years of WordPress experience and 2 decades of SEO consultancy.

Redesign Services

Corporate Website Redesign

Corporate Business Website Redesign Package. Priced from $2495. Depending on size and functionality needed.

WordPress Website Redesign

WordPress Website Redesigns from $1,695 – a “one off” cost for full WP Redesign package….

Why might a Website Redesign be Necessary?

As the relentless advance of web technology offers new ways of doing things, rebuilding your web site offers opportunities to do things that were not previously possible. A good example is “mobile responsive website design” which is now an important ranking factor in Google’s assessment of your website. When mobile users receive a poor viewing experience, you will will be penalised.

Website redesign services

Page load speed is another important factor. This is due to the rise in the dramatic in the number of mobile devices used to view web pages. As website redesign specialists, we are able to implement this into your website build.

Your competitor’s web redesign and rebuild evolves. This will steadily leave your web pages looking less and less attractive! Your solution is to take a technological leap forward to improve both the visitor experience and the ease of administration…

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Website Redesign Services & Practices

Site Redesign Dangers

Redesigning an existing / successful website is fraught with potential pitfalls. There are VERY important considerations to take into account. You want to make things better – and the last thing you want to do in a web site redesign process is;

  • Destroy your search engine rankings
  • Forcibly de-index every page of your site from every search engine
  • Generate mass 404 page not found errors
  • Break every bookmarked link from your loyal visitors
  • Destroy internal cross-linking by using JavaScript or Flash menus

Yet in many cases this is EXACTLY what happens! Discarding all of the things that worked before is a mistake. Changing the website design often means wholesale changes to many elements, such as;

  • Changes to Page file names
  • Image file names are changes
  • Modifications to Titles, Descriptions and Keyword meta-tags.
  • Amendments to Headings and paragraph content

Business Rebranding

This is another aspect to the website redesign services minefield… When you engage a business marketing company to “rebrand” your corporate entity, many things are going to change…Sometimes, they want you to do drastic things, like change your Domain Name! Having your Google Love reset to zero is a potential consequence of all the above risk factors…

  • A new domain gets 6-8 months in the Google sandbox
  • A new domain has no incoming Link Juice

There is a serious risk to your current  website rankings when a redesign is implemented. Get an experienced Website SEO Audit consultant to assess your website before ripping into a rebuild.


We take an outdated website and transform it into a modern design which adheres to current website design standards and practices. The important SEO aspects are addressed at the same time. The good is preserved or made better, and the weaknesses are eliminated. The goal is to:

  • Build a website that looks better
  • Improve functionality for visitors and search engines.

We will then achieve the dual goals of;

  • Attracting new business from qualified traffic
  • Preserving existing client traffic

Expectations of Visitors

Visitors demand consistency between pages. Logical navigation that makes it simple to move through (and return to) your website’s many areas is necessary. Visitors are looking for the answers or information that their search lead them to assume was on your site…

They also want you to give paths or hints as to what activities you want them to perform in order to begin a connection with you. They will respond favorably to clear credibility indications:

  • testimonials
  • privacy policies
  • terms and conditions
  • your unique selling proposition

Don’t leave it up to your visitors to figure out what you want them to do… Do include obvious contact information!

Proper navigation and a site map page are helpful features that help your visitors find the information you need faster.
Ensure that page titles accurately represent their contents. Titles and page headers must be consistent to avoid misunderstanding.

Website Redesign Services for Search Engines

Provide well-defined pathways to all of the site’s information to search engines. When new material is published, ensure your automatic XML sitemap is refreshed. Pages and posts should be a top focus of the sitemap. The robots.txt file must include the path to that sitemap. Web designers commonly neglect both of these files because they are unaware of their importance. All SEO packages for websites should include those files, as well as an HTML sitemap.

Website Redesign Proposal

Our custom website redesign services will transform your outmoded, dated and jaded old web page. A web site makeover can encompass the whole gamut: a modern Content Management System, with a sleek Web 2.0 redesign look, integration of social media…

Please click below for a website redesign quote… It’s probably cheaper than you thought possible!

Website Redesign Packages


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