Business Website Design Packages & Services

Affordable small business web page design packages and development are available for businesses of all shapes, sizes and purposes. Regardless of your needs, I am able to provide you with helpful advice and friendly service.

Web Redesign Portfolio examples:

Small Business Web Package

Packages include visualisation, creation, testing and implementation. We can advise on, create and deliver the following web page builds / rebuilds. Our base point is as follows:

SMB Web design Package: $1,995

Priced from $1,995 depending on complexity – a “one-off” cost for a comprehensive Small Business WordPress Build package

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The total price depends on your project brief, in terms of required features and functions. As in;

  • How many pages of copywriting do I have to create and illustrate for you?
  • The volume of images that I have to source from stock libraries or process from your sources.
  • The number of pages in total.
  • The features & functionality you want to be engineered into the project.

We build a nice clean 20+ page website using a modern, professional mobile responsive site based on a very fast platform such as Generatepress. The site will adhere to current industry coding standards (HTML5 and CSS3) and best web practices. The process has Core web vitals/user experience (UX) factored in. Attention is paid to call-to-action aspects (CTA) for the best conversion rates of your target audience. Sites are cross-browser-compatible. Your online presence will include;

We do some basic keyword research and write “search engine optimised” copy, Title and Description tags for the Home page! We will provide advice on full Search Engine Optimisation and link-building strategies etc.

Business Website Design

Full-service Business Website packages encompass all aspects of establishment. Domain registration and hosting. Applications software features & technologies. Risk management strategies – backups & security. Disaster planning and recovery.

E-commerce Shopping Carts

Is a hosted or standalone commerce services solution right for you? Do you need a shop plugin inside an existing CMS or a fully-fledged shopping cart solution? Picking the wrong shopping cart application can be expensive to implement and difficult to manage..

Maintenance & Support

We can ensure that expert maintenance tasks are undertaken efficiently… Security, integrity and management solutions are implemented, as are WP software upgrades, plugin upgrades, and security patches. Automated Backups go to off-site Cloud storage…

Affordable SEO

SEO is all about ensuring you to generate qualified traffic and bring in new clients. It’s important to implement cost-effective SEO packages that ensure good rankings. SEF URLs, accurate meta-tags… All opportunities to improve rankings must be identified and exploited. The importance of SEO should not be underestimated. I show you how best to implement the best SEO strategies for success.


There are website redesign risks in terms of erasing existing rankings!  Choosing a freelance web designer who understands SEO implications in the rebuild process is important. It makes sense to preserve existing search engine rankings. We’ll ensure you don’t “throw the baby out with the bath water!” So that all previous rankings are not only preserved, they are enhanced.

Blog, DirectorY & Forum

Personal Blogs, Web Directories and Forums can be implemented. Based on WordPress and offers the power and flexibility of the world’s leading CMS system. That’s coupled with the flexibility of the scores of feature-rich plugin applications that are available.

Aside from 17 years of experience in WordPress, I’ve worked on multiple forum platforms including phpBB, vBulletin, Xenforo, SMF etc.

Aside from the list of options above, there are sundry other professional small business website packages & projects we are able to perform or arrange on your behalf.


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