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SEO packages - benefits to rankings

Website redesign packages embedded with affordable SEO packages (search engine optimisation) is our particular specialty. Frankly, we think search engine optimisation should be a primary website redesign service consideration, not an afterthought!

Since 1997 I have been optimising we pages built by other designers. All websites designed and built at get personal attention from a seasoned NZ SEO consultant!

Our design mantra is “Form Follows Function” and we think generating search engine traffic should be a fundamental, integral part of every page. Search algorithms change over time, and there are new search strategies to consider in 2023.

There are two primary optimisation elements:

On-Site SEO

On-site: Optimising individual pages so that every page is accurately described and targets an appropriate set of keywords/phrases. This includes on-page headings, body text and descriptive elements such as navigational systems, anchor text and image tags.

Be specific in telling Google what your pages are about, don’t leave them guessing! Mobile responsive website design and fast page load speeds are now very important metrics in Google’s ranking formulas

Off-site SEO

Off-site: Building a balanced range of good quality inbound citations (links) to you, containing a mix of approx 70% dofollow and 30% nofollow links is safest. Most link titles should be your business name/domain name. There should be few links with targeted keywords in Anchor Text (link Titles) and very few deep links to internal pages. Google knows what the average natural link profile should consist of in your particular niche. Being “off the reservation” is likely to attract unwelcome attention.

Search Engine Optimisation Elements

You probably know why SEO is important. Did you also know that there are 200 plus elements assessed in Google’s relevancy ranking algorithm, of which the following are among the most important:

  • Title: – must be unique to each page, and briefly describe the content
  • Page URL: – should include a  keyword phrase
  • Description Tag:  – must be unique and accurately describe the content
  • 1st Heading: – H1 format, with keywords relevant to the body text.
  • 1st Paragraph: – must include keywords relevant to the content in 1st sentence
  • Keywords in Internal Links: Anchor text links inside content carry information about the “linked-to” page and distribute PR throughout the website
  • Content quality – unique, relevant, and informative. Correct spelling, punctuation, grammar and sentence structure. See: How to write high-quality content.
  • Image File Names:  – relevant keywords, word separation (hyphens), no capitals
  • Image Alt Text: – should include keywords relevant to the image’s intent and purpose.
  • EAT: Expertise, Authority & Trust
  • Keywords Tag: –  don’t use it…
  • Highlighted Words in body text content: old school…
  • XML+HTML Sitemap: Google XML and visitor HTML sitemaps are important
  • robots.txt file: essential, with link to XML sitemap
  • Custom 404 Error handling:  essential…
  • Fast load times – caching and image optimisation
  • 301 Redirects on any URLs that are renamed or relocated
  • Social Media – The social media profile is considered by search engines
  • Domain Ownershipdo you own your domain?
  • Hostingshared hosting location and performance affect your rankings

The safest place to build keyword-rich anchor text links is inside your website. Crosslinking to important pages is an extremely effective way to boost your rankings, by aiding Google to build an accurate assessment of your relevancy to specific search queries. Links in the body of your main content are regarded as “editorial links” and liked by Google…

Having been a provider of professional SEO services since 1997, I have a series of affordable packages available and offer discounted inclusion of search optimisation elements in new projects that we build.

Assessing Actual Keyword Usage

Sitting around the coffee table with friends is NOT the way to establish keywords to target. It’s imperative that research involves both exploration of search engine databases and existing server traffic logs. Aiming the “keyword search phrase” net in the right direction will pull in the most qualified traffic/visitors.

Affordable SEO Website Redesign Packages

Small Business Package

On-site: Small Business Package – $1695 – on the site for you, to fully optimise 20+ of the most important pages, site checked for problems, missing files added e.g. sitemap.xml, robots.txt…

Medium Business Package

On-site: Medium Business Package – $2495 – on the site for you. As per the Small Business package, but optimising 40+ of the most important pages. This includes extended consultancy services…

Advanced WordPress

On-site: Advanced WordPress Package – $1250 – implementation of Schema on the site. Set the correct Schema TypeAbout, Contact, FAQ, Product, Service, Article, Website, Web Page etc.

Citation Building Services

Off-Site: Citation Building (Links) Package – from $700 – a natural mix of dofollow and nofollow Citation links to your website. This strengthens your web profile and contributes to your Local Search rankings. ,

Off-Site SEO Includes:

A manual Website Audit review of the Incoming Link portfolio and ensure it does not breach Google’s Terms of Service and Webmaster Guidelines. Low-quality links from directories and forums or blog signatures, reciprocal link exchanges and articles may incur penalties.

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