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Custom website redesign quotes are provided on a no-obligation basis. I will put my best efforts into providing a web design concept appropriate to your business, pricing it accurately and fairly and documenting what we think will work for you.

Website redesign prices are based on standard consultancy web design rates of NZ$100 / US$60 per hour. I work fast in a rapid development environment, and provide fixed-price website design quotes!

Let our professional freelance website redesign specialists give you a proposal for website redesign services, be it corporate, CMS or E-commerce! It’s probably cheaper than you thought possible! I also deliver the best results right where it counts – in the Search Engine Results Pages through affordable On-site SEO packages.

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Website Redesign Proposals

Website redesign quotes should be based on a business-focused methodology. Design should be more about creating a functional pathway that facilitates a visitor becoming a client, and less about showcasing graphical talents and creative genius. Unless of course, its a site for photographer or an artist needing a slick multimedia platform that highlights their talents… But even then – not at the expense of functionality! A high priority is Google page speed optimisation, and mobile frendly design.

Regardless of the theme or purpose, there are very important architectural, content quality and web page copywriting considerations to take into account! For a corporate identity site, or travel & tourism business, there may well be different design and layout requirements. However, in all cases the web design quote must address the following issues;

SEO Aspects

Website redesign quotes from any designer should always incorporate a comprehensive outline of the website’s on-site and off-site search engine optimisation requirements. I’ve been involved in SEO since 1997 – before the concept had a name, and before Google appeared on the www scene. Back in the days of Northern Light, Alta Vista, Yahoo and DMOZ. A lot has changed on the SEO landscape since that time, and its important that your website moves with the times. Even today, I see both designers and SEO practitioners practicing SEO ‘tricks’ that were obsolete 15 years ago! Today, keyword stuffing into Image Alt text, title, description and caption areas will ensure an algorithmic penalty… as will overloading pages with with your targeted keyword phrase! Pages should be presented as a Topic…

  • On-Site SEO: involves careful analysis of the keywords that your potential clients would use to find your products or services, and using those primary keywords in a targeted page by page optimisation process.
  • Local SEO: ensuring that your business NAP data is accurately presented across the website. Implementing Local/Place Schema data with a good plugin, in conjunction with a fully-populated Google My Business listing and local citation building can have a very positive rankings impact.
  • Off-Site SEO: involves checking for low-quality links to your website with over-optimised link titles (anchor text) containing exact-match keywords, lack of Branding / Business name etc. Google penalties for this are severe! Building Local Citations in reputable business directories reinforces your NAP data, helping you gain traction in Local Search results.
  • Social media marketing can also be used to generate additional exposure for your brand, business, products and services.

By carefully addressing these important SEO aspects in our website redesign quotes, we maximise the chances of achieving these important goals;

  • Generating “qualified traffic” – new visitors who were actively searching for products / services you offer.
  • Maximising your conversion ratios – drawing in more people who will take the actions you’ve defined in your “Call to Action” elements.

Website Redesign Checklist

Crucial Redesign Elements to Address:

1. Design & Layout

A responsive design for mobile devices and colour scheme that portrays the products and services effectively

2. Navigation

Navigation and menus that are easy for both visitors and search engines to follow, clearly obvious access to your Products / Services offerings – the “money” pages!

3. User Experience

User Experience / UX considerations – load speed and readability on all device sizes.

4. Core Web Vitals

Page load speed optimisation for optimising core web vitals scores

5. Images

Image optimisation and compression for faster load times. Where appropriate, use of .WEBP and .SVG format to cut file sizes.

6. Caching

Caching system to minimise page payload / sizes, CSS and Javascript minification, concatenation and deferred loading, plus lazy loading of images etc for fastest possible load times.

7. Asset Management

Asset management, where we remove non-essential code elements to reduce HTTP requests.

8. Security

Security – at a minimum: a web application firewall security (Block Bad Queries) and Brute Force Login attack protection (Limit Login Attempts). Plus removal of XML RPC and restrictions of the REST API.

9. Cloud Backups

Secure automated backup system with off-site Cloud Storage (Dropbox, G-Drive, OneDrive, Amazon etc) and rapid restore capability.

10. Call to Action

Obvious and unambiguous “Calls To Action” where you tell your visitor what you’d like them to do – buy, telephone you, use a contact form, sign up for a newsletter… Whatever you want them to do must be spelt out clearly.

11. Unique Selling Proposition

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) must be obvious – why should people buy from you? Let them know, don’t make them guess!

12. Social Media

Social Media – the site should incorporate and / or enhance the business’s Social Media profile. Most important are the “Like/Share” buttons that enable visitors to connect you to their network of friends, acquaintances and workmates.

13. Credibility Factors

Credibility Factors – from privacy policy to terms and conditions! Business name, address, phone (NAP) and email details, staff profiles, references / testimonials, case studies, white papers… Photos of business premises, location map…

14. Preserve SEO Rankings!

At a minimum, preservation of existing SEO rankings, preferably enhancement of SERPs results.

Website Redesign Quotes Summary

These informational details in web redesign proposals are intended to add depth to the website. They differentiate you from your competitors, and give the search engine’s more to work with when assessing your perceived value, credibility and trust. Addressing security, backups and page load speed issues are a fundamental part of good design.

Web Redesign Packages:

Website Redesign Quotes outline the website redesign services that encompass the whole gamut – a modern Content Management System, with a sleek redesign proposals based on a very fast design theme and quality images plus integration of social media… Contact the NZ web redesign company that delivers top results every time.


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