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Website SEO audit examinations provide a benchmark report on;

  • Site Architecture
  • Menus & Navigation
  • User Experience
  • Content Quality
  • Business Credibility
  • Call To Action & Unique Selling Proposition
  • Responsive Design for Mobile Devices
  • Site Security Aspects
  • Site Load Times
  • Domain Ownership & Registration
  • Panda Penalties – On-Site SEO
  • Penguin Penalization of Links
  • Phantom Penalties – Thin Content
  • SERPs Performance

My website audit service is based on more than two decades of experience as a full-time SEO consultant and expertise as a web designer. I know where the problems are likely to lie, and what remedial actions are required. I spend time assessing as many ranking parameters as possible, and documenting my findings to illustrate the possibilities for improvement,. Page load speed optimisation affects both rankings and user experience. Security assessments are a basic business risk management process. Examination of backup regimes (or lack thereof) is important because the ability to rapidly restore a site crucial to business operations.

Technical SEO Audit Example

Technical SEO Audit Screenshot 2023 10 01

A review of navigation elements, including editorial links with relevant anchor text within content, is important. Assessment of incoming links TO your website is equally important.

There are some 200+ elements assessed within Google’s ranking algorithms. There more of those we get resolved in your favour, the more visitor traffic you get as a result.

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